"Do you not see that the eye embraces the beauty of the whole word?" - Da Vinci. 



by heather clark

NEW ALBUM called LEANING. It's an album with a lot of prophetic spontaneous parts on it as well as new songs. One of my top 3 favorite moments of worship happened during these recordings. Actually maybe only second to the first time I sang "baptize us in the holy spirit" It's $10. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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Show's include:

A Journey Through the Mind of God

The Least of These


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62nd AVENUE - songs for the broken

This past season has been a difficult one and I found myself feeling very broken and discouraged.  

As a worship leader, I feel the responsibility to bring music to the church that can bring them closer to God.  It's the main thing of what I do.  I found myself though searching for how I could say what I was feeling and keep it "corporate".  Eventually, I decided that I wanted to just be honest and write what I really felt.  I created an imaginary place called 62nd Ave.  It's  the place where the brokenhearted come, to cry out their tears that no one else can hear.  You know there is that kind of cry inside that you only do a handful of times in your life?  That cry where every part of you is crying at the same time?  The cry where you feel like you might die from the pain?  62nd Ave is the place where people go when they cry like that.  No one talks there cause people don't have to say a word.  People just know what that pain feels like.

I started to think about all kinds of pain and shame and struggle that people live with and the song ideas just kept coming.  All of them centered around the idea of this avenue where people walk, or sit on the curb or just hang out until they can go and face the world again.  The songs are very raw and real. 

I wanted to keep the songs slightly rough because I wanted them to sound almost busking like.  I didn't want them to be polished because the emotions aren't polished.  I keep thinking about how Jesus left the 99 to go after the 1.  I feel like this CD is the for the ONE.  Maybe not everyone will be able to relate to it but there will be those who listen and will just get it.

CLICK HERE to listen to one of the songs.

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June 19th Heather Clark's new album Overcome will be released with Jesus Culture Music